26th Annual Gathering: September 25-28, 2024

Bois D' Arc Primitive Skills Gathering
& Knap-In

Find Community.
Connect with Yourself.

Meet new people and find old friends. Learn, teach, listen, and share at the longest running primitive skills gathering in the Midwest. We’re a group dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of ancient lifeways and wilderness skills.

The Experience

Everyone is welcome to come experience the gathering at no cost. The only people who need to register and pay are campers and workshop participants.

Knap-In and free public area open Wednesday-Saturday.
Workshops run Thursday 8:30 am through Saturday 5:00 pm.

If this is your first time, welcome!

The gathering is full of friendly folks who will be happy to guide you once you arrive. You’re going to have a great time!

Anyone camping overnight or participating in workshops should come to the registration tent on arrival. We’ll get you checked in (if you’ve pre-paid) or registered on-site. 

Workshops give you a deep-dive into primitive skills and are led by experienced teachers. It’s the best way to make the most of the weekend.

The gathering is an enjoyable place even if you just want to stop in for the day. Check out our vendor goods, experience expert flint knappers in action, watch skills demonstrations, tour the working mill, or try your hand at atlatl. It’s definitely a family event too! We love seeing the wonder in the eyes of kids who see how humans used to live.

By Thursday morning, you’ll see the schedule of classes, posted by the registration tent. There are morning and afternoon classes. Some classes (like Osage Orange Bow-making) last the entire weekend. Some classes have a maximum number of participants and/or a materials fee. You can sign up for the classes you’d like to join.

Each morning, we’ll gather by the tent and you’ll meet your teachers to go to their outdoor classroom for the day.

Bring camping & rain gear, knife, work gloves, and eating utensils.

There is a Cook Shack where you can purchase food. Fires are encouraged and you can cook as you like.

NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR GUNS please- this is family-friendly event.

If possible, please leave your pets at home, but if you do bring them, they must be leashed at all times.

Thursday Evening- Cecil’s Plant Slide Show

Friday Evening- Picking around the campfire

Saturday Evening- 6:00 pm Raffle


These are some of the classes that have been taught in the past. Each gathering is different-  you’re sure to find new skills to learn each year.

Classes run Thursday through Saturday with morning sessions starting at 8:30 am, afternoon classes start at 1 pm. Students please be at registration by or before 8 pm each day to sign up for your class. Due to the ever-changing nature of instructor availability, we do not post a set schedule prior to the event. Class listings for the event will be posted at the registration tent Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, sign-up sheets for each class are posted each morning.

Some classes like the basics are repeated, others are not, and many run concurrently. There are more classes offered than you’ll have time to do, the hard part is choosing! Workshop registrants will be given a wristband at sign-in, required for admittance to the workshop area during class hours. Most classes occur in the Workshop Area, but some are at vendor booths or other locations. Plant and edible insect walks usually start at the registration tent. Please be on time so you don’t have to track down your instructor and class.

Most classes are at adult level because of knife work or other inherent risks, and kids attending should be around age 12 and up. Other classes such as fiberwork and cordage are open to younger ages with a parent in attendance, and there will be a Kid’s Camp with age-appropriate games and activities.


Photo by Dave Danger

Atlatl & Dart

Osage Longbows

Primitive Fishing

Rivercane Blowgun

Cane Arrows/Quickie Bows



Pine Pitch/Hafting

Rawhide-Hafted Single-Flake Knife





Wilderness First Aid

Gasifier Stoves


Knife Sharpening

Water Purification

General Firemaking

Friction Fires

Flint & Steel

Torches and Lighting




Grass Sandals

Yucca Sandals

Agave Arrow Quivers

Leather Working

Brain Tanning



Edible Insects

Primitive Cooking

Edible Plant Walks

Medicinal Plant Walks

Edible/Medicinal Plant Slide Show



Vendor setup: $5/day


  • Basic- $10/night
  • Electric- $20/night

Workshop Pre-Registration

  • Includes camping
  • $60/day
  • $150/weekend

Workshop price goes up on-site so get your payment mailed soon!


Print the registration form and mail it with your payment to the address on the form.

Please have it postmarked two weeks before the start of the gathering.

Camp Rules

Please keep the camp clean (including cigarette butts) using trash/recycling bins provided. Showers and flush toilets are available on the hilltop north side of camp, several port-o-potties are scattered about. 

Leave pets at home if possible or keep them leashed. Young children should be supervised at all times. Those attending classes have to get up early, so please observe quiet time after 11 pm. This is a family event, please respect the park land and your neighbors, and have a great time!

Camping in the Workshop Area is reserved for instructors, please use other designated camping & parking areas. Please do not block access lanes. 


Hulston Mill Historic Park near Greenfield, MO
From Springfield MO, take Hwy 160 approx. 30 mi. west (approx. 20 mi past Bois D’ Arc Conservation area, 7 miles east of Greenfield) to EE hwy, right 1.8 mi., then right on C.R. 92 .8 mi. to the Mill entrance on the right, follow signs
For more information contact:

Email: boisdarc@firstearth.org

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